About Us

Teach Your Child to Drive - for Parents giving Private Driving Lessons

The authors of Teach Your Learner have been Qualified Driving Instructors and Driving Instructor Trainers since 1996. In this time we have helped hundreds of learners and trainee instructors to successfully pass their tests.

Outside of the Teach Your Learner book, we have been producing teaching aids for the driving instructor industry since 2005 at

Our instructor training aids are used by trainee driving instructors studying to become fully qualified; Driving Instructor Trainers, and DVSA examiners.

We have produced the Teach Your Learner book to bridge a gap in the market for parents, uncles, aunties etc. who are teaching their sons, daughters, nephews, neices etc. to learn to drive privately away from professional driving lessons.

The Teach Your Learner book is for parents giving their child private Driving Lessons, and is designed to be simple but detailed enough to help parents undertake private practise safely with their son or daughter.

It gives the knowledge required to improve driving skills in a structured manner, and follows the same lesson subjects taught by qualified driving instructors - which in the long run, should save parents money on the cost of driving lessons.

Teach Your Child to Drive - Parents, learn how to give Driving Lessons like a Driving Instructor