Reversing Section

Reversing Manoeuvre Driving Lessons - Teach Your Child to Drive

This section covers reversing excercises which are useful for everyday driving, as well as the practical driving test.

Many learners (and full licence holders!) struggle with reversing manoeuvres, which require controlled operation of the pedals and steering along with good observation and safe decision making.

Private practise is a very good way to get experience of reversing without having to pay for driving lessons where you're repeating the same exercises over and over.

Having taught many learners as Qualified Driving Instructors, we know that there are no short cuts to being able to reverse into a parking bay or parallel park behind a vehicle - practise is the only way a learner can gain the experience to put all aspects of the manoeuvres together safely and with confidence.

This section will help parents give structured and clear lessons for the reversing manoeuvres, which will help their son or daughter progress faster towards test standard

Reversing Manoeuvre Driving LessonsReversing subjects:

Pull up on the right and reverseBay Park - Reverse in, Drive outBay Park - Drive in, Reverse out
Parallel Park
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