Teach Someone to Drive in the UK

Teach someone to drive in the UK - for giving Private Driving Lessons

Teaching someone to drive is very challenging - especially on the busy roads of the UK, where situations can change quickly. However, it is possible to do so.

As Qualified Driving Instructors and Instructor Trainers who have been succesfully training learners since 1996, we can tell you that you'll need to be calm, patient and alert, as well as have a good knowledge of road laws; road signs; the highway code and a good feel for what other road users might be about to do.

It's also worth remembering that the law states you must to be over 21 years of age and have held a full licence for over 3 years in order to teach someone to drive.

You should also note that it's illegal to charge money for driving lessons unless you're a fully qualified driving instructor displaying a pink or green DVSA licence.

Having said all of that - it's possible for parents, friends, uncles and aunties etc., to teach someone to drive in the UK. Problems can occur when bad habits are taught to a learner. They are easy for driving test examiners (and driving instructors) to spot and therefore, it's important to give the correct driving lessons to your learner.

Teach Your Child to Drive Book - for Private Driving Lessons

The Teach Your Learner book will help anyone that's teaching someone to drive because it shows you (the full driving licence holder) what to teach, why you're teaching it and how to teach it. The book also gives driving instructor tips and trade secrets to help make lessons easier for the learner as well as the teacher.

If you start your private driving practise using this book, you will be following the same lesson structure as Qualified Driving Instructors, which will help your learner in the long run, and should make it less likely that they will be taught any bad habits.

The book gives the knowledge that's required to improve learner driving skills in a structured manner and, as mentioned above - it follows the same lesson subjects taught by qualified driving instructors, which will make teaching someone to drive in the UK easier and more successful.

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Teach Your Child to Drive - Parents, learn how to give Driving Lessons like a Driving Instructor